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Why is this site blank?

I get a lot of emails asking this question, so here goes:

Sometime around the turn of the millennium ( a romanticized term for the winter of 1999/2000), I stumbled into my dorm room drunk from a college party, and found an IM from a friend on my comptuer to the effect of "Ha ha ha, there's a raver porn site. Check out this link!" I clicked, I laughed, I messaged my friend back and we made some crass jokes for a while. The jokes were actually more lame than crass - quite trite stuff like "Why do ravers need porn if they're always dropping ecstasy, and feeling each other up half naked and covered in sweat?"

Somehow, I'm not quite sure how, I started making jokes about an indie rock porn site-- where girls would wear pale yellow vintage cardigans, and for a monthly fee subscribers could see them unhook the top few buttons, showing off the slightest bit of graphic on the pale blue band t-shirt below.

Like I said, I stumbled into my room-- so the door was still open, and it was only 3am, so when a few friends passed by with a half bottle of bourbon in tow they came on in. I told them of my friend's discovery, my feeble attempt at a joke, and we all made some jokes for a while. ( For the record, none were more amusing than my own. NONE.) The story gets a little fuzzy here, but the next thing I remembered, I seemed to own indieporn.com , and pledged to make the funniest joke porn site ever imagined.

When i woke up the next day I kicked myself (literally, not figuratively. i'm really a viotlent person) for doing something so stupid while drunk. Again. At brunch someone who heard of my purchase teased me nonstap about the dealings. I deserved it. But then someone brought up the fact that we were living in the age of ridiculous domain name sales-- where people would buy and sell domains for tens of thousands ( sometimes hundreds of thousands ) of dollars. My domain could just be a fake porn site , or maybe someone would want to use it for a legitimate amateur porn site.

I went to a smart school, and was surrounded by smart people- so I pondered on those words at great length. By dinner that night I decided to grab a hold on the entire identity, including alternate spellings and .net:

But wait... there's more!

Within a few months, offers to buy the domains started coming in. No one offered me a million dollars, ten thousand dollars, or even one thousand dollars. I've turned them all down, even to this day. Why? Because the highest offer I got for all domains was Five Hundred Dollars. Surely, one would think, the phrase "indie porn" and all its spellings would be worth more!

At some point you realize that investing in pornographic internet domains isn't like doing the same with business domains-- someone isn't going to make a serious offer on the value of your portfolio. The bulk of their attention is on making a campy movie for skinmax on a shoestring budget, and finding a stripper who can't make rent that month to star in a film in exchange for some breast augmentation.

So I've kept the domains. About a decade later, I got a few offers around $10,000 - but turned them all down as they seemed too low to part with. Between the lack of ever getting a super serious offer, and the lone fact that I can say "Yeah, I own those names. They're just sitting there... like always", it seemed like the right thing to do. Besides-- if I ever need to make some cash quick, I can just sell out: hire myself some stippers , have them put on some goth makeup and vintage dresses and strip to punk rock or emo -- thereby starting my very own online adult empire.